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The last cord you'll ever buy for an iPhone or Android device!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are "all ears" if you have questions. Quite simply these are the best cords going for people that use their phones and always want to have a charger ready to go that will work with whatever device they are dealing with at the time.


Limited lifetime warranty details are available at, the website of the manufacturer. They are good guys that we deal with directly and will take good care of you if you ever need anything, which will be rare, in most cases.

Which Icon should be up for whatever Iphone or device I am needing to charge (These instructions are for our 3rd Generation cords which are now on sale!) the 4th Gen right angle cords are totally reversible on the phone end and on the usb end.

For any Iphone the "Iphone" designation should be facing you (early on we mistakenly had an Apple, but we changed it)!  For "most" Android devices, the Android (Robot? Icon) should be facing you, and the charger should fit snugly in the device.  However, we have seen some devices where a particular manufacturer has orientated the charging port 180 degrees differently, meaning you have to have the IPhone side facing you for it to work properly.  ALWAYS REMEMBER TO NEVER FORCE THE CHARGING HEAD IN TO THE DEVICE!!! If it doesn't go in one way easily, just try it the other way!  If you force it in, you will probably damage the device and nobody wants that!